What is Kosher Japan?

Kosher Japan is under the strict supervsion of Rabbi Binyomin Edery, diretor of Chabad House of Japan.

It was established in 2000 with the goal of making local Japanese products kosher for Jewish people in Japan and abroad.

What are the benefits of Japanese food products?

Japanese food products are known to be healthier, cleaner and are made with best quality material.
One of the reasons for longevity in Japanese society is the kind of foods they eat, very healthy and simple.
Japanese look much younger than their age this is partly due to the fact that they traditionally eat very healthy.
They use the best technology in food production and provide highest quality food products.

Rabbi Edery works with farmers and older Japanese companies who exemplify the heart of Japan. The companies that KJ works with have lot of experience and have a long history in the food industry. Most were established before the second World War. They are known for their work ethics, sincerety and honesty. These qualities are seen in their poducts.

Specialty of Kosher Japan supervision
Connecting Japanese Roots with Jewish tradition

Chabad Hassidism’s philosophy is to uplift the material in the world for G-dliness.
All the technology that exists should be used for doing more good in the world.
This is the moto of Kosher Japan: use the highest technology and the local resources for producing best quality kosher food products.

We do believe that by using Japanese products and making them kosher it uplifts Japan to a higher spiritual plane which has a positive effect on the people and the country. Kosher Japanese food definitely brings blessing to the Japanese society.

Making a Japanese product Kosher

The awarness of the benefits of Japanese foods are more widespread today that before.
We constantly receive requests about making kosher Japanese products.
If you would like us to make a Japanese product kosher please don’t hesitate to contact us.

KJ-combining strictly orthodox supervision and the heart of Japanese culture- health, cleanliness and longevity.

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